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How to Add an Edge Driver for Third Reality Smart Blind

The SmartThings Developers are well into the process of creating stock edge drivers for the mapping and migration devices to the new Lua based SmartThings Edge Environment. Many of these drivers have already been downloaded, or will be downloaded to your SmartThings or Aeotec Hub. Most drivers will be applied seamlessly without any need for any intervention from you. However, some devices which are not natively supported within SmartThings may require you to source a compatible driver from SmartThings Community for manual application.

Edge drivers for non-native devices can be sourced and downloaded from developer or manufacturer driver channels. Downloaded drivers can be immediately applied by removing device from the SmartThings App and then reinstalling the device. Alternatively, you have the option to wait to see if your device is assigned a stock driver. If a stock driver is assigned, but the device is not functioning as expected, then you may download the correct driver to update the device without the need to uninstall and reinstall your device.

Since the Third Realty Blind is not natively supported in SmartThings, it will likely be migrated to the ‘Zigbee Window Treatment’ driver which is a SmartThings Beta stock driver. I have tested and found that this stock driver will not provide all of the features and functionality that is currently available within the former Groovy stock device type handler. This means that eventually, you will likely need to download and install the appropriate custom driver to apply to your Third Reality Blind.

The edge driver which provides proper control of the Third Reality Smart Blind is the, ‘Zigbee Window Treatment MC’ driver. This edge driver was written and made available by SmartThings developer Mariano Colmenarejo. It can be downloaded from Mariano’s driver channel titled, ‘Mariano Shared Beta Driver channel’.

Since the Third Reality blind requires the installation of a custom edge driver I see that you have two options. The first option is to wait to see if your Third Reality Blind is automatically migrated to a stock driver. If it is, you may then download Mariano’s driver and update the stock driver. If you prefer not to wait and you want to install the edge driver immediately, your second option is to follow the steps that I have outlined below. The benefit of waiting for the automatic migration is that you can then easily switch the driver from the SmartThings stock driver without having to uninstall and reinstall your Third Reality blind. Conversely, if you want to install the ‘Zigbee Window Treatment MC’ edge driver immediately, you must to delete and reinstall your Third Reality blind within the SmartThings App in order for the blind to discover the downloaded edge driver.

Before taking any action, my recommendation is that you check your SmartThings App to see if your Third Reality Blind has been assigned a stock edge driver. To confirm if an edge driver is installed, click on your device tile and then while in the device screen, click on the ellipsis to determine if dropdown list contains the word "Driver". The presence of the word ‘Driver’ confirms that edge driver is installed for your device. If the ‘Driver’ is in the dropdown list, click on the word ‘Driver’ to view the ‘Name’ of the installed driver. If the assigned driver is other than the ‘Zigbee Window Treatment MC’ edge driver, you should skip steps 1 – 5 in the driver installation steps outlined below, but follow and execute steps 6 – 10 to download the appropriate driver. After the completion of step number ten, click on the ellipsis, tap on ‘Driver’ in the dropdown list, and then tap the option to ‘Select different driver’. You will then choose ‘Zigbee Window Treatment MC’ edge driver to replace the former driver.

If an edge driver is not listed for your Third Reality Smart Blind and you wish to download and install the driver, you will need to execute the following steps:

  1. As mentioned previously, you must delete and reinstall your smart blind to be able to assign it the edge driver. However, before deleting your blind from SmartThings you will want to take a few extra steps to preserve any routines that you have written to automate your blind.

  2. To preserve your routine(s), open the SmartThings App, click on your Third Reality blind. Once in the device screen, click on the word 'Routines' at the bottom of the screen. Go into every routine and add a temporary device to temporarily hold/substitute the place of the current Third Reality Smart Blind. Note: Replacing the Smart Blind with a temporary device in your routines ensures that your routines are not erased when you remove your Third Reality Smart Blind from your SmartThings App.

  3. Once you have substituted a temporary place holder device in every routine which contained the Third Reality Smart Blind you may then delete the blind from your SmartThings App.

  4. To delete your device from the SmartThings App, while in the device screen, tap on the ellipsis in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. Now tap “Edit” in the dropdown list. Then tap “Delete device” at the bottom of the screen which follows. With the deletion of the blind you may now proceed to accept the Mariano Shared Beta Driver channel invitation.

  5. Click on the channel link for Mariano Shared Beta Driver Channel to accept the channel invitation. Note: After clicking the driver channel link you will be required to sign into your Samsung SmartThings Account.

  6. Next you must then select ‘Accept’ to confirm your acceptance of the Channel invitation.

  7. After accepting the channel invitation, choose your target hub and select 'Enroll'. Note: Sometimes you must to click the button multiple times.

  8. Next, click on “Available Drivers” and select “Install” to install the Zigbee Window Treatment MC'.

  9. You can verify the installed driver by going to your SmartThings App, find your SmartThings Hub within the 'Devices' tab and then click on your Hub. Then while in your Hub’s device screen, select the ellipsis in the upper right-hand corner and then click on the word ‘Driver’ from the dropdown list. You will then be able to view a list of all of your installed Edge Channels and Edge Drivers.

  10. After confirming the installation of the new Third Reality Smart Blind Edge Driver you may now add your device back into SmartThings App by scanning for nearby devices within your SmartThings App

  11. To initiate paring mode, hold the center button on left bottom of your Third Reality blind until the pairing light begins to flash to confirm that the device is in paring mode.

  12. Once the SmartThings App discovers your Third Reality blind, click on your device’s tile and then while in the device screen, click on the ellipsis to confirm that the dropdown list now contains the word "Driver". The presence of the word ‘Driver’ confirms that edge driver is successfully installed for your device.

  13. All that remains to do is to remove the “temporary/substitution device” from each of your SmartThings routines and add the Third Reality Smart Blind back into your routines.

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