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ThirdReality Zigbee Smart Shade

An Innovative Zigbee Smart Shade

Today I will be presenting the ThirdReality Zigbee Smart Blind. ThirdReality blinds feature an affordable price, hassle free Installation, multiple means of control and they are directly with compatible Echo Devices and various ZigBee Hubs so they are natively compatible with the SmartThings and SmartThings Aeotec Hubs. The blind is conveniently powered for up to six months using four standard AA Alkaline batteries.

Review Disclaimer

ThirdReality was gracious enough to send me this blind so that I could do this review. But as usual, they sent their product with the understanding that they would not have influence over the video’s content. As a result you will be receiving my unbiased opinions on the features I consider good, as well as some features which I would like to see improved.

What’s in the Box

Third Reality ships its blind with a product manual, AA Alkaline batteries, a RF remote, drywall anchors, mounting screws and mounting hardware to include two types of mounting brackets.

Blind’s Power Source

Smart Blind’s motor is powered by four AA batteries. The batteries are touted to last for 6 months of normal use. The battery compartment is at the bottom of the blind. The compartment can be easily accessed by removing a single Phillips head screw.

Blind Material

The ThirdReality blinds are made of a durable hot rolled non-woven fabric and aluminum foil. They are waterproof and have a smooth texture. The aluminum foil design gives these shades the ability to block UV rays and also provides for better insulation performance, which can result in energy savings. The shades are to be capable of blocking 90% of sunlight for improved sleep quality. The shade is offered in one neutral, sort of stone color that should match the décor of most homes.

Sizing Options

The blind is currently available on Amazon with width options ranging from 27 – 38 inches. The blinds length can be set to a maximum of 72-inchs. If you are mounting the blind within a window well, there is no need to set a lower limit because the blind is equipped with a bottom sensor which will automatically detect the window sill to trigger the blind to stop. For surface mounting you can program a lower limit for the shade and the shade will then remember that lower limit going forward.

Blind Mounting

I decided to mount this blind in my garage at a window that is behind the right side of my workbench. The reason I selected this location is because this window faces to the west. The late afternoon sun makes it difficult to work at the bench without a suitable shade. Mounting the blind was simple and straight forward. The shades can be mounted inside a window well or surfaced mounted, above the window on the wall. I mounted my blind outside the window frame using the wall surface mounts and the provided screws. The bracket’s spring clip design permits an easy and secure blind installation. You just insert the top of blind mounting track on the teeth of the clip and then snap the bottom of the blind mount into place.

App Installation

To install these blinds in a compatible Amazon Echo hub simply ask “Alexa” to discover devices once the blind is in pairing mode. Pairing mode is initiated by installing the batteries or just be holding the middle pause button on the blind. Paring mode is signified by when the blind’s paring light begins flashing red.

To install the blinds in the SmartThings App, select add a new device and then tap on scan nearby. The read light will stop flashing once the shades are discovered and the ThirdReality Smart Blind will be installed shortly thereafter. I renamed my blind as garage blinds.

Compatible Hubs

The blinds may be controlled using your voice, by the provided RF remote, or via routines created in your Alexa or SmartThings Applications.

The blind is compatible with Echo Plus 1st & 2nd Generation, Echo Studio, Echo Show 10, Echo 4th Generation and other standard 3.0 ZigBee hubs, like SmartThings, Eero 6, Eero 6 Pro, Home Assistant, Hubitat and the THIRDREALITY Smart Hub.

Areas for Improvement

One possible limitation is the blind single color offering. ThirdReality states that this “neutral” color may fit most décor, which implies that it may not be suitable for all decors. Additionally the ThirdReality blind is operates slightly slower than the other blinds I have reviewed. When compared side by side to my SmartWings shade you can clearly see that the SmartWings shade opens at a faster pace than the ThirdReality shade, which is certainly not a deal breaker. As for the motor noise, the ThirdReality blind operates at a relatively quiet noise level similar to my Zemismart and SmartWings blind motors. I have one final concern about the ThirdReality Blind’s motor which may be entirely unfounded. That concern is whether the motor will be substantial enough to last long term. The motor sounds a little labored when opening on the up cycle as compared to my other blinds which have tubular motors. I guess time will tell.

Things I Like

I very much like the blind appearance. The shade is attractive and its accordion like design is innovative, somewhat mesmerizing and fun to watch. The shade is offered at a reasonable base cost that is comparable to other smart blinds. There are no extra costs other than an incremental cost of one dollar per inch over the base width if you require a blind that is greater than 27 inches. There are no other up-charges for the items such as a remote control, a different blind motor, a solar panel or decorative features such as a blind cassette or valance. The shade is simple in design and it is super easy to mount. The blind is directly compatible with ZigBee hubs and setup in the SmartThings, Aeotec or compatible Amazon Echo hubs is straight forward and easy. If you are looking for an affordable blind that is attractive, easy to mount and easy to install, and if you want the convenience of powering your blind with standard AA batteries, then this blind is definitely for you.

Installing the Edge Driver: Follow Bud's Smart Home guide for adding the Third Reality Blind Edge Driver


I trust you found today’s episode helpful. I appreciate your time and hopefully I made good use of it. Until my next episode, keep automating and God Bless.

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