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Third Reality - Low Cost Zigbee Sensors for SmartThings

Updated: Jul 31, 2023

Are you looking for budget friendly options to equip your smart home? In today’s article I will be reviewing three low cost Zigbee Sensors which work with SmartThings. The ThirdReality smart devices are easy on the wallet and easy to set-up. They are also compatible with Zigbee equipped Echo devices.

Welcome to Bud's Smart Home where we provide tutorials and reviews for devices which work with SmartThings and Amazon Echo apps. Join me and discover how easy it is to achieve the comfort, convenience and security from a well designed smart home.

As we begin our review of the economical line of ThirdReality smart devices let me mention that the three sensors which I am reviewing today, the Motion, Leak and Door contact sensor, are all powered by two AAA batteries rather than the typical coin type batteries. Each device is shipped packaged with batteries, instructions and mounting screws.

These sensors are extremely easy to setup with SmartThings and with other Zigbee capable hubs. To setup the sensor in the SmartThings app, just insert the batteries; Open your app and tap the plus sign to add a device; and then tap scan nearby. It's that easy!

To install them on your Zigbee capable Echo devices it is just a matter of asking Alexa to discover the device. If Google or Echo devices are already connected to your SmartThings app, then the ThirdReality devices will be automatically added to your Miss A App once they are paired with your SmartThings App.

Let's begin today’s review with the ThirdReality Motion Sensor. This sensor is advertises as pet friendly. This is accomplished due to the higher detection angle and a shorter detection distance. The sensor is capable of detecting motion up to 30 feet away. The two AAA batteries can last for 2 years in typical usage. The sensor has a larger profile as compared to the most other motion sensors; however you can purchase this motion sensor for fewer than 20 dollars.

Next, let me present the ThirdReality Zigbee Door Contact Sensor. Using the 2 AAA batteries as a power source, this door sensor provides convenient protection for up to 2 years. Because AAA batteries are larger than nickel cell batteries, this sensor has a greater presence than most other contact sensors. Even so, the sensor is priced reasonably at less than 20 dollars per unit.

The ThirdReality Zigbee Leak Sensor not only provides water leak alerts via the SmartThings Home Monitor (STHM), the sensor also features a built in alarm which sounds at an ear piercing 120 decibels. The built in alarm ensures that you will get leak notifications even if your internet is down. As with the door sensor, the leak sensor is powered by two AAA batteries. The upside of this is that you get worry free protection for up to three years. As with the Third Reality door and motion sensors, the leak sensor is also larger in presence then most other leak sensors. However this smart device can also be purchased for less than 20 dollars.

If you’d like to view and purchase any of these economical ThirdReality smart devices or you want to find other SmartThings compatible devices, just check out the links listed below.


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