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The Third Reality Smart Zigbee 3 Function Smart Button

The Third Reality Smart Button allows control individual Smart Home Devices or groups of devices via routines or scenes. It is equipped with a single button that has three control settings - Pressed, Double Pressed and Hold. It uses the standard 3.0 Zigbee protocol which means that you must have a Zigbee capable hub. Compatible hubs include the SmartThings version 2 and 3 hubs, the Aeotec-SmartThings hub, Habitat, Home Assistant or the Third Reality Smart Hub. Third Reality states that its Smart Button is not compatible with Amazon Echo Devices which have a built-in Zigbee hub.

The Third Reality smart button is powered by 2 AAA Batteries. Because Zigbee devices have low power consumption, the device is capable of operating for up to 3-Years of normal use.

The button’s wireless and compact design permits you to easily mount it anywhere. It comes with adhesive tape and magnetic strips so that you can easily stick it on an appliance or a wall surface.

The button is native to SmartThings so it is simple to install. To pair the device just select ‘Add a Device’ and then select ‘Scan for nearby devices’. Pull the plastic battery isolator tab from the battery compartment and the blue light will begin flashing on the front of the device. When the SmartThings device discovers your switch it will display as “Third Reality Smart Button”.

When opening your device settings you will see the button status reporting “Standby”. Below the button status you will see the three Smart Button modes. You can assign specific actions which occur based on the three different control setting, Pressed, Double Pressed or when the button is Held. Finally there is a panel that displays the battery level.

The Third Reality Smart Button is a great device to add to your SmartThings home. There are countless applications for this sort of device. It can be used to turn on or off a group of lights. It can trigger a scene when you return home or when you sit down to watch a movie. It can also be used as a panic button to trigger an alarm and send a text notification to a loved one. This device is only limited by your imagination.

Check out this a many other SmartThings compatible devices in my Amazon Store. Until the next Bud’s Smart Home episode, keep automating and God Bless!

THIRDREALITY Zigbee Smart Button

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