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Third Reality Zigbee Temperature & Humidity Sensor - Works with SmartThings!

In today’s episode I am showcasing the Third Reality Temperature & Humidity Sensor. A SmartThings Edge Driver has been created for this device. Refer to the section below, Instructions for SmartThings Edge Driver Installation for direction on installing the appropriate driver.

This innovative sensor is yet another device in ever growing line of Third Reality Zigbee sensors that impresses me with its performance and affordability. Third Reality makes a whole line of smart devices to include a button, blind, leak sensor, motion sensor and contact sensor, all of which I have featured on this platform.

Like to the other Third Reality sensors previously reviewed, this device is conveniently powered by two standard AAA batteries. The batteries are supplied by Third Reality. This device also functions with the Zigbee protocol, which is easy on power consumption. As a result these batteries are rated last up to one year under normal conditions.

This sensor’s wireless and compact design permits you to easily mount it anywhere. It comes with magnetic adhesive strips which allow you mount it on an appliance or any wall surface. The back of the sensor has a recessed area which matches the shape and thickness of the provided magnet. This recessed area ensures that the sensor will flush mount on any metal surface. There is a small button on the side of the sensor. At first I thought that this button was for a lighted display. Actually the button toggles the temperature reading between Fahrenheit and Celsius.

The sensor is also equipped with a retractable stand if you prefer to stand it on a flat surface. This pull out stand is very delicate and will easily detach from the device if you do not handle it carefully. This issue has been reported to Third Reality and they are considering design modifications for the device. If you stand does detach, it is very easy to snap the bracket back in place.

UPDATE: The stand issue has been resolved in Third Reality's revised Sensor. Nice Improvement!! Thanks Third Reality!!

Because this device uses the Zigbee protocol, a compatible ZigBee capable hub is required. Compatible hubs include the SmartThings version 2 and 3 hubs, the Aeotec-SmartThings hub, Habitat, Home Assistant, ZigBee capable Alexa devices and the Third Reality Smart Hub.

The sensor is native to SmartThings so it is very easy to install. To pair the device just select ‘Add a Device’ and then select ‘Scan for nearby devices’. Pull the plastic battery isolator tab from the battery compartment to begin pairing the device. When the SmartThings device discovers your device it will display as “ThirdReality Thermal & Humidity Sensor”.

When opening the device settings within the SmartThings App you will see the Temperature and Humidity readings. The Humidity reading has a colored display which gives you a visual depiction of the humidity’s status. Both the Temperature and Humidity can be offset under the device settings by tapping on the three dots in the upper left and selecting ‘Settings’ in the dropdown list. The ST App device status screen also provides a numerical display of the battery’s percentage level as well as a visual display of the battery’s status.

I have been using this sensor in our bathroom for a couple of months now. I use the sensor in a SmartThings routine to control my shower exhaust fan/light according to the humidity level in our bathroom. My routine turns on my fan/light when the humidity level in the bathroom equals or exceeds 60%. It also turns off my shower fan/light once the humidity level drops under 60%. The sensor has performed reliably. I haven’t had to deal with a steamed up mirror ever since I deployed this device.

The Third Reality Temperature & Humidity Sensor is a great device to add to your SmartThings home. Since is it reports both Temperature & Humidity there are countless applications for this device. Be sure to check out this a many other SmartThings compatible devices in my Amazon Store. Until the next Bud’s Smart Home episode, keep automating and God Bless!

Instructions for SmartThings Edge Driver Installation

With the pending elimination of the SmartThings Groovy IDE, a Third Reality Temp & Humidity Sensor Edge Driver has been developed to enable the use of the sensor in the new SmartThings Lua based Edge environment. So assuming that you have this device and you would like to continue to use it following the elimination of the Groovy IDE, (scheduled for the end of 2022), you should carry out the following steps to reinstall the device with a new Edge enabled driver. This will allow the sensor to operate locally without the need to communicate via the cloud.

  1. If you have already installed the Third Reality Temp & Humidity Sensor you will need to delete the sensor and then reinstall it for to enable the Edge Driver.

  2. However, before deleting your sensor from your SmartThings App, you will want to take a few extra steps to preserve the routines that you wrote to control your device.

  3. To preserve your routine(s), open the SmartThings App, click on your Third Reality Temp & Humidity Sensor. Once in the device screen, click on the word 'Routines' at the bottom of the screen. Go into every routine that is using the sensor and add a dummy device to temporarily hold the place of the current Third Reality Temp & Humidity Sensor. Note: Replacing the Temp & Humidity Sensor with a temporary device in your routines ensures that your routines are not erased when you remove your Third Reality Temp & Humidity Sensor from your SmartThings App.

  4. Once you have substituted a temporary place holder device in every routine which contained the Third Reality Temp & Humidity Sensor you may then delete the Third Reality Temp & Humidity Sensor from your SmartThings App.

  5. To delete your device from the SmartThings App, while in the Temp & Humidity sensor device screen, tap on the ellipsis in the upper right-hand corner of the screen, tap “Edit” in the dropdown list and then tap “Delete device” at the bottom of the screen that follows.

  6. With the deletion of the Third Reality Temp & Humidity Sensor you may now accept the Mariano Shared Beta Driver Channel for Third Reality Temp & Humidity Sensor

  7. After clicking the driver channel link you will be required to sign into your Samsung SmartThings Account.

  8. Next you must then select ‘Accept’ to confirm your acceptance of the Channel invitation.

  9. After accepting the channel invitation, choose your target hub and select 'Enroll'. Note: Sometimes you must to click the button multiple times

  10. Next, click on “Available Drivers” and select “Install” to install the 'Zigbee Temp Sensor with Thermostat Mc'

  11. You can verify the installed driver by going to your SmartThings App, find your SmartThings Hub within the 'Devices' tab and then click on your Hub. Then while in your Hub’s device screen, select the ellipsis in the upper right-hand corner and then click on the word “Driver” from the dropdown list. You will then be able to view a list of all of your installed Edge Channels and Edge Drivers.

  12. After confirming the installation of the new Third Reality Temp & Humidity Sensor Edge Driver you may now add your device back into SmartThings App by scanning for nearby devices within your SmartThings App

  13. While in paring mode, hold the button on the side of your Third Reality sensor until the cloud icon in the lower-left of the display begins to flash on and off to confirm that the device is in paring mode.

  14. Once the SmartThings App discovers your Third Reality Temp & Humidity Sensor, click on your device and then while in the device screen, click on the ellipsis to confirm that the dropdown list now contains the word "Driver". The presence of the word ‘Driver’ confirms that edge driver is successfully installed for your device.

  15. All that remains to do is to remove the “substitution device” from each of your SmartThings routines and add the Third Reality Temp & Humidity Sensor back into your routines.

You may also source additional information about installing Edge Drivers for the Third Reality Temp & Humidity Sensor on the SmartThings community website.

Remember to visit Bud's Smart Home Amazon Store for smart home devices which are compatible with the new Samsung SmartThings Lua architecture.

Product Links:

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