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Small form factor, inexpensive, contact sensor that works great with SmartThings!

Updated: Sep 6, 2021

I had a little bit more trouble pairing these sensors to SmartThings than I have with other devices, but for the size and price of these sensors, I definitely think they are worth the effort. I'll likely be buying more when I find a new use case. Here is how I paired them with SmartThings:

  1. On the contact sensor I pulled the battery tab

  2. Used the provided push pin to put in the small hole and hold the reset button down for 3-5s (until a red light started blinking)

  3. On the SmartThings app I tapped the '+' to add a device

  4. Then clicked 'Scan nearby'

  5. After 30+ seconds it discovers the device and calls it 'Thing' On SmartThings IDE (

  6. I logged in and click on My Devices

  7. Click on the device I just named and clicked the Edit button

  8. Change the DTH 'Type' to 'SmartSense Multi-Sensor' and clicked Update button

At this point, the app showed the right interface for the contact sensor when I looked at the device, but it showed disconnected (cloud symbol with a line through it). I then used the push pin on the sensor again to make it discoverable again to re-add the device from the app. After another 30 seconds of searching it discovered the device. The device was then working properly at that point.


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