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Third Reality's Smart Plug with Energy Monitoring Gen 2

In today’s episode I am featuring the newly released Third Reality Zigbee Smart Plug with Energy Monitoring. This plug is yet another device in Third Reality’s ever growing line of SmartThings compatible sensors. Third Reality makes a whole line of economical smart devices to include but not limited to a temperature/humidity sensor, a multi-function button, smart blinds, a leak sensor, a motion sensor, a vibration sensor, a multifunction night light and a contact sensor, all of which I have featured on this platform.

This plug operates with the Zigbee protocol. It is rated for 15 amps and it is ETL Certified, so it is verified to comply with North American safety standards.

This plug does require a Zigbee Hub. Compatible hubs include 1st and 2nd Generation Echo Plus, Echo Studio, the 4th Generation Echo, 2nd and 3rd Generation Echo Show 10, Eero 6 and Eero 6 Pro, Home Assistant, SmartThings, Aeotec, Hubitat and the Third Reality Hub.

Device compatibility

The smart plug is designed with a low profile, space saving design which accommodates the placement of two smart plugs in any standard wall receptacle.

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