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Third Reality's MATTER Multi-Function Night Light!

Updated: Jan 1


In a former article I reviewed Third Realty's Zigbee Multifunction Night Light. In today's article I'll be reviewing Third Reality's newly released MATTER Multifunction Night Light. Like the Zigbee version, this is a matter night light is capable of performing as a motion sensor, an illuminance sensor, and an RGB Color Night Light. All these features come together in an attractive and budget-friendly package.

With its straightforward setup and premium build quality, the THIRD REALITY Night Light complements any decor style. Tailor your ambiance to match your mood!

Offering an extensive range of color options and adjustable brightness levels, from serene tranquility to vibrant energy, the THIRDREALITY Night Light empowers you to curate your space as you desire.

Whether it's a swift trip to the bathroom or a reassuring presence in a child's room, the THIRD REALITY Night Light promptly responds to motion and shifts in light intensity, making it an ideal fit for nurseries, bedrooms, hallways, stairways, and bathrooms.

This cutting-edge device is compatible with Apple Homepod Mini, Google Nest Hub Gen2 and with the SmartThings and Aeotec hubs.


It is very easy to pair this night light to SmartThings provided that you are adding the device to the Aeotec Hub or the SmartThings version three hub. This is because the Aeotec and SmartThings version three hubs have a built-in Thread router and also function as a Matter controller.

To pair the night light to your hub just open your SmartThings app, plug your night light into an electric receptacle and wait for your device to be discovered by the app. Once the device is discovered, the app will request that you scan the Matter QR code. The app will then add your Matter Night Light to your SmartThings hub.

If you have the SmartThings version two hub, please know that it does not contain a Thread radio, however it can perform as a Matter Controller. Therefore, if you have a SmartThings version two hub then you will need a separate device that contains a third-party thread boarder router in order to add this device to your home’s Thread network. Current devices that contain thread border routers include Apple’s Home Pod Mini, Amazon Echo (4th Generation) and the Google Nest Hub Max, to name a few. Once you add your night light to a Matter capable hub, you can then generate and share a Matter code with your ST app for the installation of the matter device. The ST version 2 hub will then perform as a matter controller.

If you would like to view a demonstration of my setup in SmartThings just take the opportunity to view my video. Note that I am using an iOS device which uses iCloud to connect the night light to SmartThings. Android users will have a different pairing experience.

Ready to revolutionize your lighting experience? Don't miss out on the THIRDREALITY Multi-Function Night Light. Illuminate your world with flair, convenience, and innovation. Get yours today!

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Until the next episode, remember to stay smart and connected!

~ Bud


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