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SmartThings Edge Driver and Routine Setup for the Ring Alarm Keypad 2nd Gen

Updated: Apr 7

So the question on your mind is likely whether the Ring Alarm Keypad is able to function properly within SmartThings as a fully functional security keypad capable of arming and disarming your SmartThings home? Is it also capable of producing audible and visual countdowns to accommodate delayed home entries and exits? These very questions have plagued mankind since the beginning of time… needle screech, or at least they have plagued SmartThings enthusiast since the advent of the Ring Keypad.

Is it possible that someone may have developed an Edge Driver to not only provided the keypad with the ability to arm and disarm you home, but also offer many more features, all of which can be activated with the simple press of a button? This article will attempt to answer these vexing questions while providing a product review and driver links so that you can take advantage of its awesome features.

So yes, the Generation 2 Ring Alarm Keypad will operate with the SmartThings hub. And yes, there is an available edge driver that will give you the ability to enable the features that I will cover in today’s product review. Before I provide driver and installation tips, let's review the extensive list of available feature.

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