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SmartThings Automation to Temporarily Deactivate Security Alarm

Updated: Sep 6, 2021

Let’s say you have your SmartThings Home Monitor setup to automatically activate the Armed Stay Mode during the nighttime hours while you and your family are sleeping. Let’s also assume that your security siren is set-up to activate if your home is breached during the Armed Stay mode. Let us also assume a family member must depart from home during the early morning hours, prior to the time when the ST app is set to disarm your home. Finally, let’s assume that this family member must depart from your home at different times each morning, so that an automation which is setup to disarm your home at an exact time would not be useful.

This is the exact situation that I encountered when I recently installed a SmartThings security system in a Client’s home. My Client wanted to avoid the need to open the SmartThings app each morning, to disarm and Re-Arm his security every time he departed his home. He simply wanted a push button that would disarm his home for a short period, so that he could exit his door without triggering his alarm. He also wanted his home system to automatically re-arm after he departed, so that the Armed-Stay mode would be activated and his sleeping family would be protected

In the video provided below, I provide a live demonstration of this automation which I created using SmartThings devices and a SharpTools rule. This automation is triggered by the press of a switch. It is a simple automation that temporarily disarms the STHM for a period of one minute. It allowed my client to exit his door without triggering an alarm. Once the minute expires, the system is automatically rearmed so that the siren will activate if any door is breached. Watch the following video to see how the automaton is done.

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