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Enable Door Chimes in NEW SmartThings App

In this SmartThings smart home automaton article I show you how to enable the Door Chimes in the new SmartThings App. The door chime automaton is done in the new SmartThings App via the Speaker Companion App. Be sure to check out the following video in which I demonstrate how I set-up the Speaker Companion Smart App to play a chime notification on my Dome Siren.

The Dome Siren chime sounds which were once available in the Classic ST App, via a custom device handler, are not accessible in the new ST App. This Dome Siren device handler was made available on the SmartThings Community by developer Kevin Laframboise.

However, the chime and bell sounds once available in the Custom SmartThings App can now be replicated in the New SmartThings App using the Speaker Companion App.

NOTE: Although the Dome Siren was not available on my Amazon affiliate site at the time of this video, I have found it on other sites and I have provided the relevant links below. Also, I recently installed an Ecolink Zwave Plus Network Security Siren for a client, (see link below). The siren simply plugs in to any 120v receptacle and therefore does not require batteries. The siren easily paired with SmartThings when I plugged it in.

the Ecolink device comes with a siren and three other chimes/beeps. I did view some complaints about the low volume level on the Siren. It is set low by default, however, you can adjust the volume by moving an internal jumper. Instructions are provided in the product documentation.

Here are some source links for the Dome and Ecolink Sirens:

☑️ Dome Siren: (amazon affiliate site)

☑️ Zwave Plus Network Security Siren: (amazon - EcoLink Siren)

☑️ Dome Siren: (non-affiliate site1)

☑️ Dome Siren: (non-affiliate site2)

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