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New SmartThings App for iOS has Arrived!

The SmartThings iPhone app is now available in the App Store. This new app features an all new look and feel, The interface offers users a simpler user experience with much faster load times.

The updated app, is also available as a PC based web dashboard. These new introductions are examples of SmartThings ongoing commitment to bringing smart functionality and capabilities to consumers.

The revamped layout of the iOS and Android Apps includes five different sections: Favorites, Devices, Automations, Life, and More:

  • Favorites is the new home screen within SmartThings and gathers the devices, scenes, and services used most for quicker access.

  • Devices lets users view and control all devices, connecting TVs, light bulbs, appliances, and more.

  • Life is a place to explore the growing world of connected living where users can discover new SmartThings services that transform physical products into meaningful user experiences.

  • Automations connects devices and allows them to work together and respond to specific conditions in the home, such as a door opening and a light turning on.

  • Menu will house additional SmartThings features including SmartThings Labs, Notifications, History, and Settings.

Download and enjoy the updated SmartThings app for iOS today and let me know your thoughts!


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