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How To Exclude A Z-Wave Device Using The SmartThings App

If your SmartThings App is unable to discover a new device, chances are that you need to exclude the device before attempting to pair it with your App.

To exzlude a Z-Wave device in the SmartThings App:

  • Open your SmartThings App and Tap on the "Devices" Tab at the bottom of your screen

  • Tap on the Home Icon in the upper left of your screen

  • Tap on "All devices" near the bottom of the dropdown list

  • Find your SmartThings home Hub in the list of devices and tap on it.

  • Tap on the elispsis (3 dots) in the upper right hand of your App's screen.

  • Tap on "Z-Wave utilities"

  • Then tap on "Z-Wave exclusion"

  • Now follow the manufacture's instructions to delete the Z-Wave device from the current hub's network for from a previous hub's network.

Once your device is confirmed as successfully excluded,

then follow the manufacture's instructions to pair your new device with the SmartThings Hub.


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