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How To Install The Zooz Multi-Relay Device Handler In SmartThings

How to Add a Custom Device Handler for the Zooz Zen16 Multi-Relay

The Zooz Multi-Relay is designed with three relay terminals giving you that ability to control up to three garage doors. The Relay is equipped with the latest S2 security protocol to ensure a secure connection. The Rely uses the Z-Wave Plus chip which ensures fast and stable communication with your SmartThings hub.

How It Works

The Zooz Multi-Relay acts like a wireless push button, imitating the button on the wall which you push to open or close your garage door. When the Zooz Z-wave MultiRelay receives the command, it sends an electrical pulse to my garage door opener in the same way that pushing the garage door opener button on my wall sends current. The button press action in a SmartThings Routine is called “Press Momentary”.

This relay can be used to independently control/automate up to three garage door openers. Reference my YouTube video and the expanded video segments below for guidance on how to use it with most garage door openers including Chamberlain and Lift Master garage door openers which are compatible with the MyQ App.

Installing the Zooz MultiRelay Device Handler in SmartThings

To install the Zooz Device Handler, log into you SmartThings Account here with the same username and password you use for your SmartThings app.

Click on 'My Device Handlers' in the top menu:

In the top right corner, click on 'Create New Device Handler' and wait until the screen titled 'Create New Device Handler' opens

Click on 'From Code' from the top tab menu. You'll be presented with a blank area where you can copy the code from this link and paste it.