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How to Add an Edge Virtual Presence or Contact Sensor

To set up a virtual contact sensor or a virtual presence sensor use TAustin's vEdge Creator, (a virtual device generator for end users). The SmartThings Community page provides information and tips for installing the vEdge Creator utility. It can be sourced via the SmartThings vEdge Creator link

To setup the vEdge Creator utility take the following steps:

Once in the specified SmartThings Community web page, click on the channel invitation link to select the driver and download it to your SmartThings hub. You will be required to sign into your Samsung SmartThings Account after clicking on the channel invitation link. You must then click ‘Accept’ to confirm your acceptance of the Channel invitation. After accepting the channel invitation, choose your target hub and select 'Enroll'.

Next, click on “Available Drivers” and then select “Install” to download the “vEdge Creator V2.5” to your SmartThings or Aeotec hub.

Once the driver has been installed to your hub, go to your SmartThings mobile app and select Add device and then "Scan for nearby devices". This will result in the creation of a new device called vEdge Creator V2.5 to be found in your "No Room Assigned" room.

Open the new creator device to the device control screen. Set the quantity of devices you want to create of a given type. Then select the device type and your device(s) will be created in your “No room assigned” room.

To create Virtual Presence Sensors select “Presence Sensor” from the list. To create Virtual Contact Sensors select “Contact Sensor” from the list. As mentioned above, both of the aforementioned sensors will be discovered by your Alexa App assuming that you have Alexa connected to SmartThings and designated as your connected voice assistant.

With Alexa set-up as your SmartThings “voice assistant”, any status change in your virtual switch will be reflected in the mirrored switch within the Alexa App. The switch can therefore be used as a routine trigger to perform certain actions. As an example, if a SmartThings member arrives home, the virtual contact switch could be turned on within a SmartThings routine and that change in the switch will be seen in the Alexa routine to trigger any sort of action, such as instruct Alexa to announce a personal greeting on a echo device to welcome the member home with a personal message.

The following video describes how to setup virtual contact sensors to be shared between the SmartThings and Alexa Apps to trigger individual, personalized welcome statements for each connected SmartThings member:

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