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Detect & Record Motion With Your Old iOS Device | Home Security with the Presence App

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

Home security is easy and FREE with the Presence App. Check out the instructions provide in the video below to learn how to use an old iPhone or Android device as an inexpensive security camera. The Presence app is feature rich and makes use of an older/obsolete Android or IOs devices that you might have lying around the home.

The app uses the camera and microphone in your old iPad, iPhone, Android or other device. The app uses your device to detect and record motion. the app also has a geofencing feature that can be set to detect when you leave or arrive to your home.

When your device is in Away Mode you can have it deploy rules which can be set to record any motion and activity that occurs while you are away. It can also send email and text notifications anytime activity is detected. You can then use your current iOS device to watch live activity or to review recorded activity

Check out the Presence App here

If you want more information or if you would like to see the app in action you may check out the following video:




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