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Updated: Apr 7

Before I get into the content of today’s update let me mention that I will provide you with a comprehensive list of Edge Driver information and channel links at the end of today’s article. This information will be invaluable if you have installed a lot of Custom Device Type Handlers and you need to find Edge Drivers to replicate the capabilities found in those Custom DTHs. So be sure to stay through the end of the video if this situation is applicable to you.

Well SmartThings has released yet another update about the transition from the legacy Groovy IDE platform to the SmartThings Edge environment. Most notably they have moved the date for the shutdown of the Groovy IDE from October 15th to December 31, 2022. Quoting SmartThings, “Beginning September 30, 2022, we will start migrating devices and Smart Apps from legacy Groovy technology to our new technology we call SmartThings Edge. They went on to say that they have been working diligently with their partners and user community to migrate devices and they expect that a majority of supported devices to be fully migrated by December 31, 2022. I translate “Supported Devices” to mean Standard Device Type Handlers, not to be confused with Custom Device Type Handlers which I will discuss next.

They then gave a reminder which was directed to users that have installed Custom Device Type Handlers. These are device handlers which you can find listed under the “My Device Handlers” tab in your Groovy IDE. Users with Custom Device Handlers are urged to take action on these devices before December 2022 to prepare them for migration and avoid any loss of features.

Now if you have little or no Custom DTHs then you should not be overly concerned because most of the Standard DTHs will be seamlessly migrated. But for those of you who need to migrate several Custom device type handlers, the article provides six options for converting these devices to edge. Here is a link that Q&A article if you would like to review the provided options. I will also provide a resource link to a list of Custom Lua Edge Drivers which you can use to source available Custom Edge Drivers.

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