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SmartThings Edge Driver Update

Today I am going to present information that I have been able to glean from my latest research about the progress of the conversion of SmartThings Drivers to SmartThings Edge architecture. I’ll provide you will a brief update about the SmartThings Edge Beta Program and the status of the Edge Driver Rollout. I will also talk about which drivers, AKA device handlers that are being converted and also comment about the device handlers may not be converted. I will show you how to check on the status of driver conversion, via a list on the GitHub website that displays converted device drivers as well as those drivers which are still a work in progress. I will also show you how to access a complete list of all current Edge Drivers and explain how to use the driver’s fingerprints to determine if the driver will work with your device. If you watch till the end of today’s episode you will get my recommendation about when to install SmartThings Edge Drivers. Should you install them now or should you wait?

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