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SmartThings Automation of Alexa Guard

Updated: Sep 6, 2021

This easy SmartThings automation will help you automate Alexa Guard so that your Echo devices are automatically placed in guard mode when all members of your household depart. Also Alexa Guard will be automatically stopped when any one family member returns home.

This automation uses a Simulated Alexa Switch that is easy to setup as a device handler in the SmartThings IDE. To find instructions for setting up the Simulated Alexa Switch in the SmartThings device handler just watch my video found at the following link: Once this virtual switch is setup as a Device Handler, you must then create a new device using the Simulated Alexa Switch that can be used within the SmartThings app to trigger the switch on/off with in a SmartThings automation or scene. The status of the switch can then be viewed in the Alexa App and used in a routine to cause Alexa Guard to start or stop when your family leaves or returns home!


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