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Is your garage door noisy?

Updated: Oct 18, 2021

The noise reduction properties of the Ultra-Life Nylon Garage Door Rollers can remedy that problem. I have demonstrated the effectiveness of these roller by taking before and after decibel meter readings of my garage door before and after installation. These rollers have proven to be quiet. They are backed by a lifetime guarantee. I have documented the effectiveness of these Ultra-Life Rollers in a video wherein I provide step by step instructions for replacing your garage door rollers without removing any hardware. In this video I reveal the danger associated with removing bottom garage door roller brackets. Finally, I show you how you can easily remove and reinsert your new Ultra-Life Nylon Ball Bearing garage door rollers with the use of a single, very effective tool. This roller replacement method is very easy and takes very little time.

Check out the video here. You can see product reviews and comments on the Ultra-Life MAX 2 Nylon Garage Door Rollers here.

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