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How to Replace a Chevy Fuel Door Spring Clip

Updated: Nov 1, 2019

OEM fuel filler gas door spring clip OEM 1552-1575

In the following video I explain how to install an OEM fuel filler gas door spring clip for my 1997 GMC Sierra K1500 pickup truck. The part that I used is an OEM 1552-1575. A link to the part is provided in the description below. According to the description, this part fits 1988 - 1999 GMC, Cadillac and Oldsmobile. I provide step by step instruction for removing the fuel door, inserting the clip and reinstalling the fuel door. I also highlight the importance of using penetrating oil when removing rusted screws. Because I neglected to use penetrating oil, I also had the opportunity to demonstrate how to remove a seized and broken stud from the fuel door mount.

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