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Bypass Ballast and Convert Fluorescent Light Fixture to Direct Wired LED Bulbs

Updated: Sep 13, 2019

Discover an easy method for converting your fluorescent fixture to direct wired LED bulbs. This LED retrofit project was accomplished using the direct wire, ballast bypass and removal method. I used the dual /double ended Hyperikon T8 LED bulbs. By removing the ballast from your old fluorescent fixture you are likely to save up to 70% on your electrical draw. These Hyperikon bulbs are made to last for up to 20 years. The have a 48 watt equivalence while using only 18 watts of power. They come with a five year, hassle free, unlimited warranty. I also use the Wago quick connects in this video. The Wago quick connectors are easy to use. They are much more convenient then standard wire nuts when connecting wires. For you convenience, I have provided links below for the items used in this video.

Here are links to materials used in this article:

NOTICE: Electrical Disclaimer

Any advice or information provided in this video cannot completely anticipate your situation. If you are at all unsure about completing any aspect of this project, consult a qualified electrical contractor to perform the installation for you. Always follow the electrical code requirements specific to your area and be certain to take all necessary safety precautions when undertaking any home electrical project. The viewer agrees to assume all risk resulting from the application of any of the information provided by the Bud’s Home Improvement Channel.


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