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How to Use YouTube TV as a Provider To Get 4K Content

In the video which follows I will instruct you how you can use your subscription for YouTube TV to sign-up for any of the applications offered though the Amazon Fire Stick without any additional subscription cost. YouTube TV only broadcast in High Definition (1028p), which is to say that YouTube TV content is not currently available in 4k resolution. However, If have a 4K TV, a 4K Ultra Fire Stick in addition to your YouTube TV subscription, you can access available 4K Ultra High Definition content for those Amazon Fire Stick Apps which are offered in conjunction with your YouTube TV subscription. That's right! You can activate the Amazon App and view available 4k UHD (Ultra High Definition) content without have to pay additional monthly fees.

In the video that follows I show how you can access NFL football games via the Fox Sports app in 4k Ultra HD without having to pay the monthly fees for the Fox Sports app. You simply enter YouTube TV as your paid provider and you can begin enjoying all the live game in UHD 4k!!

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