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How to Install the SmartThings Edge Driver for the Third Reality Zigbee Smart Button

To be able to get full functionality from the Third Reality Smart button featured in the following video on my YouTube Channel...

You must first install the SmartThings Edge Driver for the Third Reality Zigbee Smart Button before installing the device to the ST App. Here are the steps:

  1. First uninstall your Third Reality Button from the SmartThings app if already installed.

  2. Click on the following link and accept the "Cstub Edge Drivers" Channel Invitation

  3. Then tap on "Available Drivers" and

  4. Select "Zigbee Button CS" from the list of drivers.

  5. Click on "Install" to install the "Zigbee Button CS" driver to your hub.

  6. Open your SmartThings app and re-install your Third Reality Button.

  7. Once installed, tap on the SmartThings app tile for the Third Reality Smart Button.

  8. When in the device screen, tap on the three dots in the upper right-hand corner of your screen.

  9. Ensure that the word "Driver" is in the dropdown list.

  10. Tap on the word "Driver" and review the driver information to ensure that the "Name", Zigbee Button CS is the actual driver which was selected when you installed your smart button.

If the Zigbee Button CS was not assigned when you installed your Third Reality Smart Button in your SmartThings app then tap on "Select different driver" and find and select the "Zigbee Button CS" driver from the list of installed drivers, then tap "Use this driver".

Once you have confirmed that the Zigbee Button CS driver has been assigned to your Third Reality Smart Button then you are ready to setup the button functions. Please reference my YouTube Video for more detail about setup and features.

Third Reality Zigbee Smart Button!!

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