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▶ Alexa Routine - Echo Announcement & Porch Lights Following Activity

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

This is a fantastic routine that uses an Alexa routine coupled with a SharpTools routine to notify me of any motion detected on my front porch. The Alexa routine, written in the Alexa app, makes an announcement indicating that activity is detected on my front porch. The SharpTools routine then uses my GE In-Wall Smart Dimmer switch to turn my lights on at 100 percent, delay for three minutes and then fade the lights to off. The lighting routine is programmed to only turn on during the night time hours. Both routines use my SmartThings porch motion sensor as a triggering device.

🔵 You can connect your SmartThings with the SharpTools App at:

🔵 How to Integrate your SmartThings devices with the Alexa App:

🔵 Samuel L. Jackson - Celebrity Voice Skill for Alexa (only available in the US)

🚫 DO NOT Click On The Following Link🚫:


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