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The Wonder Winder - A Great Electrical Cord Storage Device!

Updated: Feb 20, 2022

Every once in awhile you come across one of those homeowner items that you just cannot imagine doing without. Well the Wonder Winder is one of those items.

I was given this item as a gift more than five years ago and it has held-up and performed wonderfully. Allow me tell you how this unit can easily manage your extension cords.

Over the years I used various cord retrieval and storage devices. There are certainly cheaper units out there. I have used the floor standing cord reels and the reels that have the center spin handle. The drawback that I experienced with these units is that you need to two or more hands to unreel and retrieve the cord making any task more time consuming and difficult.

With the Wonder Winder, you do not have this hassle. This unit is very durable. It is simply designed and it works extremely well. Once you install the unit, you simply thread your extension cord through the top end of the unit and down through and between the pressure paddle and the rubber coated rotating wheel. Once the cord is threaded down through the friction wheel, you simply pull the cord through the device, down though the nylon holding basket. You want to stretch enough length of cord to reach your receptacle and then secure the cord to bottom of the basket with the cord anchor.

The Wonder Winder is portable. It is designed to be used both indoors and outdoors. It comes with a reversible handle so it can used right or left handed. The unit holds up to 75-feet of 12/3 cord, 100-feet of 14/3 cord, or up to 150-feet of 16/3 cord. I am using 100 feet of 14/3 cord and I am able to wind the full length up neatly in about 30 seconds.

What is nice is I can have my hands full with tools and just grab the end of the cord and head out to start my home project. I do not need to worry about tangling and snags. And when the project is completed I simply wind the cord back to neatly store it for the next project.

Retrieving the cord is simple. You just apply light pressure as your turn the rotating crank handle. This action allows you to quickly and easily retrieve your cord and store it neatly in the nylon mesh basket suspended below the unit. No more snags or tangles!

Wonder Winder makes two different models:

Both models are sold with 2 standard mounts so that you can interchange the device between two different mounting locations. You simply undock the device from one location and quickly connect to a 2nd location. Model WW-1 comes with a fixed base mount. To secure the Wonder Winder to the base you simply push it into the base and turn to lock it into place. With the fixed base mount, the unit does not swivel. Model WW-2D comes with a swivel mount bracket with two mounting plates for easy attachment to a wall, post or other flat surface near an electrical outlet. Again, the 2 mounting plates allow the unit to quickly and easily be moved from one spot to another.

I prefer and recommend the swivel mount (Model WW-2D) because it enables the unit to pivot allowing you to extract the cord from an angle without putting lateral pressure on the mounting base. A fixed base unit (Model WW-1) would be fine for a situation where you are always pulling the cord out in a straight run from the unit.

I will leave information and reviews links on both units in the video description below. You will find that both are highly rated by those who purchased them. Either unit can be purchased for around $25. I am confident that you will agree that this unit is will worth this price.

With the Wonder Winder, you'll never have to waste time untangling and coiling extension cords again. Either unit comes with two twist-lock mounting plates that attach to a wall of your shop, garage, or basement, or outside of your house--anywhere you have an outlet. You can then just move the Wonder Winder from one location to another as you need it. And best yet, it's backed by a 3-year warranty.

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