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SmartThings setup of the 2nd Generation Ring Alarm Motion Detector

Updated: Jun 13, 2023

Today I’m presenting the second generation Ring Alarm Motion Detector. This motion sensor's design allows you to easily mount it on flat surfaces or in the corner of a room. It is powered by two AA batteries.

It is reported to be capable of ignoring pets, if the device is set to lowest sensitivity settings and is mounted at least 7 ½ feet. Unfortunately, the sensitivity settings are not an accessible option when the device is installed in the SmartThings App.

However, the SmartThings App does provide the ability to monitor Motion, Taper Alerts and Battery status. The device has an impressive line of sight of up to 250-foot. You can also adjust the device’s Re-trigger Interval in the device settings.

This sensor is designed for indoor use at operational temperatures between 32° and120°F. It is equipped with Z-Wave S2 connectivity which provides enhanced security to all of the nodes to which it is connected, thus making it a powerful protection system for all connected Z-Wave smart devices.

Ring advertises their device as compact. I would disagree with this characterization. Placing it side-by-side with the SmartThings Motion Sensor you can see that it is a bit more substantial. However, it is attractive in appearance and if your goal is to make intruders aware that they are being monitored, this will definitely do the job.

Watch the following video to see how simple it is to get the Ring Alarm Motion Detector setup in SmartThings.

How about Ring’s price point? As of the making this video the Ring motion detector is $10 dollars less than the original SmartThings motion detector, which is now made by Aeotec.

Here are additional SmartThings compatible Motion Sensors and Window/Door Sensors that may be of interest.

Well that is a rap for today’s episode. Until next time, keep automating and God Bless!


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