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SmartThings Exterior Lighting Automation

Coming up is today’s episode, I’ll show you how to setup a simple automation that insures that your nighttime light stays active as long as it takes for Fido to do his business.

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Today I am going to show you a fantastic automation that causes your nighttime exterior light to turn on when you open your door, and then turn off when you reenter your home. I learned about this automation feature on one of the forums in which I regularly participate. On of the participants had an automation that set a timer on his back door smart light so that he’d have a period of lighting when taking his dog out at night. However, some of the time his dog took longer than normal leaving dog and master out in the dark. He was wondering how the automation could be changed so that his smart light would stay on for the precise duration of the event.

As it turns out, there is an available feature in the SmartThings automaton that will allow a light to turn on when you open a door, and then remain on until you return to re-enter your home. I’ll show the setup, but first let’s look at the devices which you will require for this automation. This automation requires that you have a home internet provider and a SmartThings hub, either version 2 or 3. Your hub must be connected to your home’s router via Ethernet cable or WiFi.

By the way, if you haven’t heard, SmartThings has stopped producing hardware and the former hubs and devices are getting scarce.Not to worry, SmartThings and partnered with Aeotec and Aeotec will be making hubs and devices which appear to look and perform like the SmartThings devices.

So with your Aeotec or SmartThings hub connected, you’ll also need a Z-wave or ZigBee smart bulb or light switch and a contact sensor. These smart devices would be installed at the exterior door that you intend to use in this automation. As for the light switch, I am using the GE Z-Wave Plus Smart Light. I have used this in-wall switch for several years and it has worked flawlessly. As for the contact sensor, this can be a SmartThings contact sensor, like the one that I have here, or it can any other SmartThings compatible sensor.

You can access many SmartThings compatible devices via my Amazon store link. While in my Amazon Store, just click on the “Smart Home Products” category. You’ll find and extensive list of SmartThings compatible devices and for which you can source price and product review information. Please watch the attached video for instructions on the setup.


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