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Sengled ZigBee Door & Window Sensor for SmartThings & Alexa

Updated: Jan 4, 2022

Before describing how to set-up the Sengled sensor, let’s briefly review the features of this device. I’ll share with you the features which I like, as well as those which I desire to see improved.

As stated previously, the Sengled door sensors are directly compatible with SmartThings. They connect out of the box without the need for a custom device handler.

The sensors use the Zigbee protocol. Devices using the Zigbee protocol are very easy to install. The protocol supports a large number of nodes and it is also power efficient, which results in longer battery life.

The sensor receives its power from a single CR1632 battery, and the sensor is rated for 12 to 24 months of operation, depending on the level of activity in your home.

The sensors are unobtrusive, being smaller then most other contact sensors. They measure .89 inches wide by 1.93 inches high.

The sensors are also economical. I purchased the two pack option at a cost of about $15 per sensor.

There are a couple of improvements I would recommend. I found it difficult to access and remove the battery as compared to most other contact sensors. The sensor case is impossible to open with out the use of a pry tool. As a matter of fact, the device pamphlet recommends the use of a dime or a flat head screwdriver to open the sensor case. Additionally, the metal slot in which the battery is inserted holds the battery very snugly. You definitely need a small screw driver to push the battery out of the holder. Putting the difficulty of battery changes aside, I find this device to be a fantastic sensor for my SmartThings ecosystem.

In the following video I demonstrate the simple steps to pair this sensor with the SmartThings hub.

If you’d like to view and purchase Sengled products or other SmartThings compatible devices, just check out the following links. These and other smart devices can also be access via this website and my Amazon Store.

Until next time, keep automating and God Bless!

🟡 Smart Devices Featured: Sengled ZigBee Door & Window Sensor

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Mar 13, 2023

A local locksmith has installed two keyless entry door locks in my apartment and i am happy that i can now install those security systems that can be operated through phone also.

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