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SmartThings Compatible Zigbee Smart Plugs made By Sengled

If you read my prior article, you learned how easy it is to pair Sengled Door Sensor to the SmartThings Hub. In today’s article I am reviewing the Sengled Smart Plug. This plug works out of the box with SmartThings, Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Let’s get started.

Hello! My name is Bud. Welcome to Bud’s Home Automation where I publish smart home content related to the SmartThings & Alexa Apps. When presenting home automation instruction, it’s my desire to show viewers how easy it is to achieve the comfort, security and convenience which results from a properly automated smart home.

I use the SmartThings/Aeotec hub with compatible smart devices in my smart home setup. I also use several Amazon Echo voice assistants. SmartThings/Aeotec hub will allow you to begin your journey to a powerful, secure and convenient smart home.

As I begin my review of the Sengled smart Plug, let me make clear that I have not received any financial incentives from Sengled to review or promote their products. The Sengled device that I am reviewing today was purchased by me.

Before showing how to set-up the Sengled Smart Plug, let’s briefly review the features of this device. I’ll share with you the features which I like, as well as those which I desire to see improved.

The Sengled Smart Plug connects directly out of the box with SmartThings without the need for a custom device handler. The sensor uses the Zigbee protocol.

Devices using the Zigbee protocol are very easy to install. The protocol supports a large number of nodes and it also power efficient.

The one concern about this plug is its physical size. This device is fairly large. Because it is rather large, you limited to using one Sengled Smart Plug in a standard two plug outlet.

Before I give my final thoughts on the Sengled Smart Plug, let me demonstrate how easy it is to add this plug as new device in the SmartThings App.

So here are my final thoughts about the Sengled Smart Plug. When I compare the Sengled Plug to other ZigBee Plugs previously reviewed, I initially did not place the Sengled Plug at the top of the list. If you would like, watch my YouTube video titled, SmartThings Compatible Zigbee Plug Review for a more in depth review of smart plugs.

In that video I give the Sonoff S31 Lite Smart Plug top honors. The Sonoff plug has an innovative design. The plug is narrow in height, so you can stack two Sonoff smart plugs in one standard wall outlet. Also the Sonoff plug has a really great price point.

However, while researching Amazon reviews for the Sengled Smart Plug, I found that Sengled also makes a Zigbee smart plug that is similar in design to the Sonoff S31 Smart Plug.

So not only can you place two Sengled smart plugs in a standard two plug outlet, this alternate version of the Sengled Smart plug is competitive in price when compared to the Sonoff plug. This smaller Sengled plug also has energy monitoring capability as well. Both Sengled plugs discussed today have very good product reviews. They are also verified to work flawlessly with the SmartThings App.

Sengled Smaller profile Zigbee Plugs fit in side-by-side in a standard outlet
Sengled Small Profile Zigbee Plugs

Permit me one final note on the Sengled “power usage” feature. Contributors on the SmartThings Community forum have stated that the Sengled plug’s energy reporting doesn’t appear to be fully accurate. It is suggested that energy monitoring may be a rough calculation based on the length of time that the plug is in service.

So that is a rap on the Sengled Smart Plug. I trust you found today’s article helpful. If you’d like to view or purchase these or other SmartThings compatible devices, just check out the following links:

🟡 Smart Devices Featured in this Article:

Find Many More SmartThings Compatible Devices on my Amazon Store

Until next time, keep automating and God Bless!

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