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How to Install the Zooz ZEN51 Dry Contact Relay in SmartThings

Updated: Apr 7

In today’s episode I’ll introduce the Zooz ZEN51 Dry Contact Relay. I will explain how the relay is used, show you how to wire the relay, provide edge driver information, demonstrate the setup process in ST and demonstrate the relay’s responsiveness. Let’s get to it.

This relay is perfect if you like your old toggle switches and you prefer not to replace them with smart decora style smart wall switches. You can simply install the relay behind your existing on/off switch to make it smart. Just make sure it’s not a dimmer or an illuminated switch. Only simple mechanical switches can be used with this device. This relay may also be used as a momentary switch in a garage door opener application.

Note that the Zen51 is a single relay for automating a single switch. If you have two dumb switches in a double gang box and you want to make both switches smart then you would want to purchase the ZEN52 double relay switch. For your convenience I have provided links to both relays in the description below.

This relay does require a neutral. If you do not have a neutral in the switch box you can put this relay at the fixture where you’ll always find the neutral connection and still keep your existing wall switch in the set-up.

You may install the relay in a single pole or 3-way set-up. Zooz provides wiring diagrams and step-by-step instructions for both simple and complex applications.

The device is as small so you do not need to be concerned about crowded boxes. Pigtail wires make it easier and faster to install compared to terminal screws.

This Z-Wave device works well with Hubitat, Home Assistant, HomeSeer and SmartThings. This product is backed by US based support from Zooz, 7 days a week and a 5 year warranty once registered.

Edge Driver Instructions:

Before paring the relay you must download the appropriate edge driver from the ‘Zooz Edge Drivers’ Channel to your ST hub. This driver will enable local execution of automations without the need for the internet cloud.

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