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Get a Voice Controlled Smart Home With SmartThings & Alexa Echo Devices

Discover the easy steps to connect your SmartThings devices with your Alexa App. Once connected, use your Amazon Echo devices to control your automations and take your smart home to the next level. When SmartThings and Alexa are interconnected you are able to create Alexa Routines that provide voice feedback regarding the status of your smart sensors, switches and lights. You can also give voice commands to your Echo Devices to trigger and control your connected Smartthings devices. Take your home automation to a new level of sophistication by pairing your Samsung SmartThings smart devices with Amazon Alexa. I'll guide you in the easy steps to get you connected.

🔵 Connect the Classic SmartThings App with Amazon Alexa app:

1. Open your Amazon App.

2. Tap the Smart Home menu. (The home icon in the bottom right.)

3. Scroll to "Smart Home Skills" at the bottom.

4. Tap Enable Smart Home Skills.

5. Enter “SmartThings” in the search field.

6. Tap Enable for SmartThings.

7. Log in using your Samsung or SmartThings account.

8. Tap Log in.

9. Choose your SmartThings Location in the From: menu.

10. Tap Authorize.

11. Message: “Alexa has been successfully linked with SmartThings.

12. Tap “done” to begin device discovery.

🔵 Connect the New SmartThings App with the Amazon Alexa app:

  1. From the Home screen, touch the Plus (+) icon and select Voice Assistant

  2. Touch Amazon Alexa You will automatically be directed to the Amazon App 

  3. Touch Enable to use for SmartThings

  4. Touch Authorize Once authorized, the following message appears: “Alexa has been successfully linked with SmartThings.”

  5. Touch x to close the window and begin device discovery


🔵 SmartThings Hub & Sensor Set-up:

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