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Edge Driver for Zemismart Roller Blind

Updated: Apr 7

Edge drivers for non-native devices can be sourced and downloaded from developer or manufacturer driver channels. Downloaded drivers can be immediately applied by removing device from the SmartThings App and then reinstalling the device. Alternatively, you have the option to wait to see if your device is assigned a stock driver. If a stock driver is assigned, but the device is not functioning as expected, then you may download the correct driver to update the device without the need to uninstall and reinstall your device.

Since the Zemismart Roller Blind is not natively supported in SmartThings, it will likely be migrated to the ‘Zigbee Window Treatment’ driver which is a SmartThings Beta stock driver. I have tested and found that this stock driver will not provide all of the features and functionality that is currently available within the former Groovy stock device type handler.

The edge driver which provides proper control of the Zemismart Roller Blind is the, ‘Tuya Window Shade’ driver. This the driver can be sourced via the following Driver Channel Invitation Link:

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