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Edge Driver for the Aqara Water Leak Sensor (Model: ‎SJCGQ11LM)

The Aqara Water Leak Sensor works with the “ Zigbee Aqara Water Leak Sensor MC” edge driver. The Aqara Edge Driver can be sourced from Mariano's Channel Invitation by executing the following steps:

To install the driver:

  • Click on Mariano’s Channel Invitation,

  • You will be directed to sign into your SmartThings account.

  • After signing in, accept the channel invitation.

  • Next click the "Available Drivers" button.

  • Find and download the "Zigbee Aqara Water Leak Sensor MC” edge driver to your ST Hub.

  • If you device is currently installed, delete it from your hub.

  • If you device is not installed or if your device is now removed from your hub, then start the process to onboard or re-onboard your Aqara sensor.

  • When the SmartThings App discovers your sensor you should verify that the correct driver was installed.

  • To verify, tap on your device. While in the device screen, tap on the three dots in the upper right hand corner. Select "Driver" from the list. Look under "Name" to confirm that it displays the "Zigbee Aqara Water Leak Sensor MC”

  • If you need to update the driver, tap on "Select different driver"

  • Search for and tap on the "Zigbee Aqara Water Leak Sensor MC”

Here are two SmartThings Community articles providing more information about the Aqara leak sensor that may be of interest:

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Visit the Aqara Store!

Here is a list of Aqara, Xiaomi and Tuya sensors supported by Yakov's Zigbee Sensors Edge Driver {YG]

Go to the link for my Aqara Door & Window Sensor article for download information and instructions!

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