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Can it An Alexa Echo Device Really Detect CO Alarms & Breaking Glass?

Updated: Sep 15, 2020

In the video which follows I will demonstrate how to correctly setup Alexa Guard to detect glass breakage, smoke and CO alarms. I will also explain how you can activate away lighting when you depart from home. Away lighting is a feature programmed within your echo device which mimics the lighting routine that you typically follow when you are active at home. By mimicking away lighting, your alexa devices are able to simulate your presence while you are away from home, and hopefully, this activity will be sufficient to discourage any would be intruders.

However, if an intruder is not swayed and they attempt to gain entry by breaking the glass in a door or window, Alexa has another trick up her preverbal sleeve. Your echo devices are designed to detect breaking glass. So in theory, the devices should detect the break in and notify you of a potential intrusion.

Amazon also touts the capability to detect both smoke and carbon monoxide (CO) alarms. The activation of alarms should trigger a notification to be delivered to the homeowners smart device.

Whether you receive an alarm notification or glass breakage notification, the Alexa app is designed to allow you to playback the actual recording(s) of the detected sound. Furthermore, the app allows the homeowner to listen in live, (a feature called "drop in"), so the you can attempt to determine the current state of your home.

Check out the surprising results of my testing of the Alexa Guard feature:


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