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Aeotec SmartThings Multipurpose Sensor - SmartThings Edge Capable

Today I want to talk about the Aeotec Multipurpose sensor and explain why it should be your sensor of choice for your Aeotec/SmartThings hub. Aeotec replicates the devices that were previously manufactured by Samsung SmartThings. They are the exclusive hardware producer of the SmartThings devices. Aeotec devices include the Multipurpose Sensor, the Motion Sensor, the Water Leak Sensor and the SmartThings Button.

Aeotec also produces their version of the former SmartThings Smart Plug which features power monitoring capability, just like the former SmartThings plug. They produce a 360 degree indoor Security Camera, a Z-wave Range Extender, plus may more sensors that are directly compatible with the SmartThings platform.

So what exactly is a Multipurpose Sensor and what are its capabilities?

First, it is an open/close sensor (sometimes referred to as a contact sensor). It is capable of monitoring the status of a door, window, cabinet or a safe. The status of the sensor can be used in a routine to send you a notification when a door is opened. The open status can trigger an event such as turning on a light on or trigger an alarm.

It also functions as a temperature sensor which can used to turn on a fan or send you a notification when a room’s temperature exceeds a certain threshold. The sensor’s orientation feature allows it to be used as a tilt sensor to notify you if your garage door is open or closed. I use this feature to check the status of my garage door when the last family member departs my home. And last but not least, it is also a vibration sensor. It can detect if someone is knocking on your door or it can detect if dryer or dishwasher has completed a cycle. It can then be used in a SmartThings routine to send you a notification.

I am aware that there are other open/close sensors which are less expensive then the Aeotec sensor. And if you are merely interested in a sensor for monitor when a door is open or closed, then you should purchase a cheaper sensor. However, before choosing just any door contact sensor, it is important to know if the device manufacture intends to develop SmartThings compatible Edge Drivers. You see, the SmartThings platform is currently transitioning its application to require devices with Edge Driver support. As a result of this change all supported devices will function locally, without the need for a cloud connection. Using Aeotec products ensures that your devices will continue to function after SmartThings completes its transition to Edge Drivers. Devices without edge driver support may no longer be recognized by your SmartThings hub, absent edge driver compatibility.

Aeotec is a reputable smart device manufacture who is committed to providing the necessary firmware updates to ensure ongoing compatibility of its devices with the Samsung SmartThings ecosystem. So if you want a reliable and hassle free device that is simple to install and has SmartThings Edge driver support, then Aeotec should be your product of choice.

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