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SmartThings Edge Driver for Philips Hue Indoor and Outdoor Motion Sensors

Updated: Apr 7

Jaewon Park, a SmartThings Enthusiast and Developer of the iquix Edge Driver Channel has posted an article on the SmartThings Community website in which he claims that the Phillips Hue Motion Sensor works with SmartThings app via the “Hue Motion Sensor" Edge Driver. The Hue Motion Sensor driver allegedly enables the motion sensor within SmartThings without the need for the Philips Hue bridge. Here is a link to the Hue Motion Sensor driver article.

An additional SmartThings Community contributor has claimed that the same driver enables the Outdoor Hue Motion Sensor to work with SmartThings as well. Although I have not verified the accuracy of these statements, I have elected to release this information in case someone wishes to try the efficacy of the edge driver and report back to me with the results.

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