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SmartThings Automation - Echo Show Recording Upon Motion

In this automation I will demonstrate how to start a recording on your Echo Show when one of your motion sensors detects motion while you are away from home. To set up this automation you must have an Echo Show 5 or 8 and a SmartThings compatible motion sensor. You will also need an Amazon Prime account so that you have a cloud location to store your recorded video. You can then create a simple automation in SmartThings that will activate a virtual “Echo Record Switch” whenever motion is detected by your SmartThings compatible motion sensor.

The status of the Echo Record Switch is relayed to the Amazon App and is used as a trigger in a Miss A routine to activate a “Miss A” Custom Action asking the Echo Show to “Take a Video”. A 30 second video is recorded and saved to Amazon Photos. A second Miss A routine stops the video stream after 30 seconds of recording.

Check out the following video to see the routine demonstrated and also discover all the simple steps to get this automation working in your smart home!

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