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How to Install SmartThings Edge Drivers For the Dome Siren

Updated: Apr 10

In this post I will provide you with the information and steps for installing the official Edge Drivers for the Dome Siren. To install the driver you must follow the driver channel invitation link provided in the steps below. The link is titled, “Dome Edge Driver Channel Invitation”.

If your Dome Siren is already installed within your SmartThings app, after you have installed the custom edge driver to your hub, simply open your app and then tap on the Dome Siren tile to open the device screen. In the device screen, click on the ellipsis in the upper right hand corner to confirm that the dropdown list contains the word "Driver". Click on the word "Driver" to confirm that the "Name" of the driver says, "Dome Siren" and the "Channel" says, "Dome Drivers"

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