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Amcrest Security Camera System (Part 6)

Updated: Aug 31, 2019

Viewing Live and Recorded Activity

This article is the sixth Amcrest Security System Setup post in a six part series. In this article I refer you to the video below in which I demonstrate the capabilities of the Amcrest Surveillance Pro software. I show various live and recorded activity from bullet security cameras using a PC, the internet and a smartphone. I also provide detailed instructions on how to view live streams and search recorded content for various and specific events.

If you missed prior posts in this series it will be worth your while to review them. The first post gives your information about the content that was produced for the articles in this series. In the second post I explain why I purchased Power over Ethernet cameras, and why I highly recommend that you purchase PoE cameras rather than WiFI cameras. In the third post I talk about the importance of designing and laying out your security system to ensure proper camera placement. In the fourth post of this series I provided a detailed overview of my Amcrest system while listing the various components and associated costs. In the fifth post I show how to install a PoE camera and I explain how to properly connect and test your cables to ensure a proper connection and broadcast signal.

The following are links to the components that I have installed for my security system:

* * Cat5e RJ45 Connector (50 Pack)


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