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12 Easy Ways to Make Your Home Smarter With SmartThings!

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

Would you like to make your home smarter? Then SmartThings devices can make it happen. Read on to learn about the 12 ways SmartThings devices have made my home more automated and secure.

Smart Things devices are easily paired to a hub that is connected to you home’s WiFi. The hub monitors and manages all compatible Z-Wave, ZigBee, Wifi and Bluetooth LE devices and allows you to control these devices from the SmartThings application (The Free App is installed on your IOS or Android Smartphone). In addition to uniting all your smart products together, the app also helps them to work together in what is known as “routines”. The automation of these devices can make life more convenient and secure. Here are 12 reasons why I feel that installing SmartThings is a fantastic idea.

1 - Automated Security Alarm upon Departure

SmartThings is programmed with GPS sensing capability. The SmartThings hub sets a geofence around our property and uses your smartphones or a SmartThings proximity sensor to determine your presence or lack of. As such, the hub can determine when any member of our household arrives or departs from your home. Because of this capability, you can set the alarm to an active state when all family departs from your home. If your home is breached while everyone is away, the alarm will sound and all devices with receive notification of a breach. If you have camera installed, you can then access the cameras to determine if any dubious activity is occurring and notify the authorities. When any member of the family returns home the alarm can be set to automatically disarm prior to your entry into your home.

What you need:

DOME Siren

2 - Auto Security Alarm during Evening Hours.

My alarm is programmed to auto set to active state in the evening. Furthermore it automatically disarms in the morning. I have a lamp the signals when the alarm is active to remind family members of the need to disarm the alarm prior to opening a door.

What you need:

Door/Temperature Sensors

3 - Determine if the Garage Door is Open & Auto Close the Garage Door

Who hasn’t left their home wondering if they forgot to secure the garage door? SmartThings is programmed to check my garage door after the last family member departs from home. If found open, SmartThings closes the door and notifies family members that the home is secured. It also is set to automatically close the door one half hour before sunset. I also have a routing that is set to sense my arrival and auto open the garage door upon my entry into the driveway.

What you need:

GoControl Garage Door Switch

4 - Lights and Chime When Activity is Detected on Porch

I have a motion sensor to detect activity on my porch. The sensor is intelligent enough to disfurnish between a small animal (pet friendly) and an actual person. Upon sensing activity, I have a routine that triggers the lamp in our entertainment room to flash and I have our alarm make an audible chime. The lights on the porch are set to come on at 100 percent brightness for three minutes and dim for a couple of minutes before turning off. We can bring up our cameras on our TV or PC to determine who is on our porch.

What you need:

Smart Motion Sensor

5 - Turn Lights On & Off Automatically

Some of my room lights are set to turn on automatically when I enter the room. They can also be auto turned off after a determined delay, once activity stops in any given room.

What you need:

6 - Auto On/Off Heating Pad

Nothing is worse than crawling into a cold bed on a snowy winter night. Not a problem if you heating pad is plugged into a smart switch. The switch can be programmed to turn on 15 minutes before bedtime so that your bed will be warm and toasty when you slip between those sheets. You can also activate the switch with your smartphone or other smart device.

What you need:

Smart Outlet Switch

7 - Temperature Sensors in all Door Open/Close Sensors

As stated previously is a door is breached while the alarm is armed a notification is sent to smart devices. These sensors can also report the temperature of each door surface. The system can be programmed to automatically notify family members when the temperature exceeds specified perimeters. This could be used to monitor you home for the possibility of a house fire.

What you need:

SmartThings Hub

8 - Auto On/Off Christmas Lights.

During the winter season I have my exterior lights turn on automatically at a half hour after twilight and then turn off at midnight.

What you need:

Smart Dimmer Light Switch

9 - Chime when Door Sensor is Opened

A pleasant chime announces when any individual door is opened. SmartThings can be programmed to announce the opening of any number of doors. Additionally, the chime can be restricted to ring during certain times frames of particular days.

What you need:

Wireless Smart Camera

10 - Family Notifications of Departure & Arrival

Since SmartThings has a geofence and presence sensors, the device can notify other family members when another member departs home or arrives safely back home.

What you need:

Arrival Sensor

11 - Alexa Integration for Voice Commands

SmartThings can be pared with the Echo and can be used to turn individual devices on or off. I use Alexa to “Close the Garage Door”, “Turn off the light”, “Check the Garage temperature”, “Unlock a Door”, “Arm the Security Alarm” and many others.

What you need:

Echo Dot

12 - Armed Stay Option

If my wife is home and wants an extra measure of security she can select the Armed Stay option which arms the security system while she is at home.

What you need:

Frigidaire Smart Air Conditioner

There are countless other smart devices that can do household tasks such as turn water valves on or off, control a thermostat or sense if a water leak is beginning in your basement. These devices are easily paired and programmed with the SmartThings app. I feel that purchasing SmartThings is one of the smartest decisions I have made. You can easily begin making you home smart with the Samsung SmartThings Home Monitoring Kit. It is extremely economical at around $165.00 and it includes everything you need to begin making your home a smart home. This kit will enable you to connect compatible appliances, lights, speakers, locks, cameras, thermostats, sensors, appliances and more. Get started today and feel more secure, all without monthly recurring security service fees!


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