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Premium Tilt & Swivel Stand - Echo Show 8

Updated: Sep 6, 2021

Echo Gear has an amazing Amazon Echo Show 8 stand you've been searching for! It offers a sturdy metal base with a magnetic design that makes it easy to put together and makes it fun and easy to move your Amazon Echo Show 8 around. It offers 50 degrees up and down tilt and 360 degrees of swivel motion. Movements are butter-smooth thanks to the stands "Easy-Glide Magnet Technology". Here are the details:

  • Certified “Made for Amazon” accessory specially designed to work with the Amazon Echo Show 8.

  • Offering up to 50-degrees of device up-tilt and 28-degrees of down-tilt

  • Full, 360-degree swivel capability lets you point your Amazon Echo Show 8 in any direction you’d like.

  • Easy-Glide Magnet Technology provides butter-smooth device tilt and swiveling that stops on a dime and won’t drift or bounce.

  • Durable cast aluminum design ensures your stand won’t fall victim to wear and tear and sturdy rubber-ring footing prevents it from slipping and sliding around. T

  • Echogear’s product pros are available to help 7 days a week.

Also Available in White for the Echo Show 8


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