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Install the SmartThings 2 app in Homey Pro via the Homey Community Space

Updated: Apr 7

IMPORTANT NOTE: As of the publication of this article, the Homey Community Store is down/crashed. It has been in this state for some time now and it is not known when, or if the store will be revived. There is an alternate method for installing the SmartThings 2 app which permits you to view and control your SmartThings devices, that are installed on your SmartThings or Aeotec hub, from within the Homey Pro app. If you want to attempt this method you can find detailed instructions in my other website article titled "Install the SmartThings2 App in Homey Pro Using the CLI Install Method - Windows OS"

Would you like to be able to view and control your SmartThings installed devices within your Homey app. You'll have complete visibility and control of most of your SmartThings installed devices without uninstalling them from SmartThings and reinstalling them on your Homey Pro hub.

In this article I will show you the steps for enabling control your SmartThings devices within the Homey App. This is done by creating a personal access token for the Homey app. This feat is possible via an unofficial community app called “SmartThings 2”. The SmartThings 2 app can be accessed via the Homey Community Store, which is found in the Homey Community Space.

To access the SmartThings 2 community app, you must create a login and they sign into the Homey Community Space, download the Community Space app. Open the app and find and download the SmartThings 2 app.

You must then create a Personal Access Token (aka Bearer Token) using your SmartThings Account. Once the Personal Access Token is generated, you must open the Homey SmartThings 2 app and enter the access token.

You will then have the ability to go to the devices tab within your Homey app, tap on the (+) at the top to "add a new device", tap on the "SmartThings 2" app, tap on the “SmartThings Device” tile.  Then tap “Connect”. It is then just a matter of selecting the various SmartThings devices that you want to authorize Homey to access.

These are the specific steps to grant Homey Pro access to your SmartThings devices. These instructions will be divided in the follow three sections:

  1. Install the Unofficial Homey Community "SmartThings 2" app

  2. Access and follow instructions for generating a PAT (Personal Access Token) from Samsung

  3. Assign the PAT within the SmartThings 2 app

  4. Select specific SmartThings installed devices to view and control within the Homey Pro app

Setup Access to the Homey Community Store to access community apps

You will access the Homey Community Store via the Homey Community Space. The Homey Community Space is where you can access the HCS (Homey Community Store). The Homey Community store is the alternative store for installing community apps on your Homey Pro hub. These are unofficial apps made by community members for the Homey hubs.

Step One: Install the Homey Community Space App

To get the Homey Community store you must download and install the app installer:

  1. Download the Installer (Windows or Mac) via the Homey Community Space

  2. Install the downloaded file "homeycommunity-desktop-Setup-0.2.1.exe"

  3. When installing the windows installer you may see a a Windows Defender popup. If so, tap “More info” and choose “Run anyway

  4. Click "Allow" to the Windows Security pop-up to give the Homey Community Desktop app to access your network.

  5. Next click on "Authorize with Homey" (Yellow button under Homey Community Space)

  6. Select “Sign up” to create an account. (Be sure to check the box to signify your agreement with the terms and conditions!)

§  Note: This is not your Homey Pro login!

§  This login info should be unique to the Homey Community Space

  1. Once logged in, you will be asked to select your Homey Pro hub's account and you will confirm the Homey account by tapping on it. If you do not see your account you must enter your login name and password

  2. In the screen the follows you will tap “Allow” to grant Homey CLI following permissions:

§  Full access to Homey

§  View your name and email

§  View your Homey devices (aka hubs)


Step Two: Install the “SmartThings 2” App

Open your Mobile app or your desktop app and verify the you have the HCS (Homey Community Space) app installed in your Homey account. To find the HCS app tap on "More" and then tap on "Apps"

  1. Find and tap on the HCS app

  2. Tap on "App Settings"

  3. Login if you are not already logged in

  4. Then tap on the “Store” tab

  5. Find the and tap on the “SmartThings 2” app and install it to your Homey account

  6. Back out of the installer and search under your Homey Apps to verify that the SmartThings 2 app was installed

  7. Click on the SmartThings 2 app and open “App Settings”. If you are on your PC or Mac you will click on “Configure


Step Three: Generate a Personal Access Token

SmartThings2 (HCS Version) Install Instructions:  ~ NOTE: The SmartThings app is the unofficial community app that can be found in the Homey Community Store (HCS)

NOTE: Follow the instructions in the SmartThings 2 Homey Pro app article to Generate a "Personal Access Token" (PAT) using your Samsung Account. Copy the PAT and enter it into the configuration settings of the SmartThings 2 app. Save the settings and then you are ready to add your SmartThings devices for viewing and control within your Homey App.

Step Four: Add SmartThings Devices to your Homey App

With the access token saved in your “SmartThings 2” app, you will go to the "Devices" tab within your Homey app, tap on the (+) at the top to add a new device, tap on the SmartThings 2 app, tap on the “SmartThings Device” tile.  Then tap “Connect” and select the devices that you want to authorize Homey to access.

I highly recommend that you “Deselect” all devices and then only select a few of the physical devices to testing first before you bring a massive number of devices into the app. You need to make certain that the app works appropriately, without creating a lot of lag time. Also, you likely want to exclude any virtual switches as well. My app seemed to get slow and lag when I tried to bring all physical and virtual devices into the Homey app.

Additionally, assuming that you have your zones all setup, I would recommend that you bring your SmartThings devices in from within each zone. Otherwise, you will need to go into each device individually, after you add the devices, and reassign each device to the appropriate zone.

So now you know have the ability to view, control your Samsung SmartThings devices from within the Homey Pro app. As stated earlier, I’ll be using this tool to create flows that replicate and possibly enhance some of my existing SmartThings routines. Do me a favor and let me know your thoughts about this tool. Be sure to like a comment as I enjoy and benefit from your thoughts and opinions.

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Thanks for your hard work. I finally figured it out.

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