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Two Recently Introduced Third Reality Zigbee Sensors

Hello and welcome to Bud’s Smart Home. Today well be taking a first look at two newly released Third Reality Zigbee sensors; a Garage Door Tilt Sensor and a lite version of the Third Reality’s popular Temperature and Humidity Sensor. Both sensors have been added to my Amazon Store. There will be product links in the description if you’d like to take a closer look.

Like most of Third Reality’s sensors, these sensors are affordable additions to your smart home setup. The tilt sensor is engineered to provide instant alerts when your garage door opens or closes. It offers adjustable sensitivity levels so that you can tweak the sensor’s responsiveness. The Temperature and Humidity Sensor contains a high-quality sensor from an industry-leading manufacturer. It can be used to monitor temperature and humidity in a basement, greenhouse, wine cellar, or a baby’s nursery.  This sensor comes at a lower cost compared to Third Reality’s previous model, that includes a visual display of temperature and humidity data.

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